in every mirror i seek my reflection, in every eye i long for my heart

When such things occur, like soot may form
Around the base of your heath
Like your ground may become uneven
From your passing

Then love this event
It means your fire has burned brightly
That your journey continues
And static has no place within the score of your life’s coda

When stomachs wish for no food
When eyes, though weary and wishing for sleep
Can take no such rest

Love this

It means you are full on your experience
That your vision is engorged
With the lights and trails
Of these stars that crumble
And collapse

Throughout all your life
There has been one constant
At every turn
A single marker remains

With your face
Though ever changing
Your beautiful soul rides on
And loves this

Your human life
Sometimes so lost
Oft so small

Your human life
That brings you love
And loss

the wave which carries you home