The imitation of the absolute universe through art and literature.
A combination of the following:-
omni = Latin for all, entire, absolute
mesis = Hebrew term for one who takes the gaze from God
mimesis = Greek – the imitation of life through art and literature

omni / omnimouses / omnimisis / omninemisis / aumnimesis

This site is a condensed version of previous sites with the intention of enabling clean access to a body of work. It will evolve as the content evolves.

In it you will find a collection of illustrations, photographs, poetry and scatterings of fables which are yet to find their way into an ordered book format.
In time other projects will appear and be linked through this site, http://www.talesfromthetinderbox.com is just one of those projects.

“I write about myself not in some dry attempt to inflate my ego
or through some askew of self appreciation – but because it is the only subject with which I can begin to claim to have any real level of understanding or authority.

Objects and places, even ways, are found by oneself, but in the finding of ones SELF all manner of curiosities emerge:
with an open heart, and mind, an unending play is performed before one’s eyes, where we can be both actor and observer at once.

It is in the exploration of self, and subsequent deliverance of findings or musings on thoughts, that you as an external party
can at once see my
self and your self in some dualistic reflection; as if we are standing in a room of mirrors, and all about us – we are.

In my action, and your observation, we are known
– and in my action and my observation I am able to say with all honesty and authority that I am becoming.

Never greater a tale was written or conceived than that which belongs to each of us
our own lives and the search for our souls.”