full, crescent or eclipsed – the moon remains

The crane tilted his head sideways
“Whatcha doing cat?” he asked

The cat looked up at the crane
“What does it look like boy, I’m singing” she replied

The crane hopped down to where the cat was and said
“Yes, yes.. I know this but who are you singing to?”

The cat looked at the crane and wiggled her nose before replying
“To the moon of course, dear boy”

The crane looked up at the moon and back at the cat
“Does she listen cat?” he asked, “Does she ever sing back?”

The cat looked at the crane and tiled her head sideways
“Why are you asking me questions you know the answer to?” she asked

The crane looked at her with a shocked expression..
“ME?” he said, “Why I’m just a boy.. I don’t know these things!”
“You monster!!” she cried, “You are making a joke with me!!”

The cat pounced upon the crane and bit him with a soft bite
“HAHAHAAHAha” laughed the crane
“Come on girl, I’ve made some cake” he giggled

The cat hopped up and looked at the crane with half closed eyes

“Wicked boy!!” she mouthed

“Love you too” replied the crane and gave her a kiss on her nose