rescue / resolution

All things considered I decide it is best to insert an ‘and’ onto it

A drawn out, dwarf star crushing, black hole opening AND

So it becomes something else

It becomes like trying to look at the back of your own head

Like trying to remember what it was you forgot to remember not to forget

It becomes like attempting to find words which fit into that liliaceous oiling of moments when universe meet and pass alongside each other but one millionth of a micron away from grinding

It becomes akin to me speaking to you whilst all the time my eyes are darting, scanning yours – calling you out to play

Offering and asking if it is indeed the moment to surrender

I see within you all that is possible and probable in permutation for no reason other than to experience though majesty that which I attempt to awake by communion of our selves.

I see within you my own eternal face staring back at me, brushing my cheek and laying me down to sleep, to dream out existences upon themselves each themed in love and the search for it.

I see within you YOU, that curious you who catches my eye and tries to pull me out of my self; to place the pieces of this play down and envelope the sound – fold it in and on and on.

This is a world without end