It is far from my nature to go uninvited, to step into shade or glen

Without wink, sparkle or nod

Though I am a curious creature by nature, I am here by design; by summoning

There are some to whom I belong, lives into which I am woven

Others lean or lend themselves my way

And for my failings I follow these encounters

To be human

Much of this universe has passed in this way for me; slight aspects have twinkled or tumbled through and out of my gravity.

There is a vacuum though still, a marker for where Queen Mab fell

That strange day where we all died a little death

So then to now, to moments new and present

To time and her passing

To this song lingering upon my lips

Curling and creeping up to your ear

Or i

How very old we have become

Because you have wished it so, we endure

Have found ourselves of breath and blood

Because you wished it so

The world without end

Yet all you ever have to do is ask or wink or sparkle or nod