a light to make the dark

It was put to me once, that I am fate

Ce destin est mon nom

But this is untrue

I am no such creature, yet a creature I am after all


My name is of no matter here, for time ticks us away

And this… is the issue…

I consider though, that there is merit in this title

That by my hand the universe turns

And by my will the innumerable sands of time are blown

To fall and form into some reality

Which reflects

A desire I expressed

…consciously or not

So curious then

This event

And I stutter inside

With horror and concern

At the prospect that i

Made all things so

But ego, ego… ego

I am no task master for the stars

And I am no grandmaster of chess

Who places pieces always 4 steps ahead within his mind


I cannot escape this strange feeling through recollection of my past

That I did indeed play my hidden hand and pull celestial strings

To alter the universe

And that my friends, is some heavy shit

It’s a hard concept to swallow and an even harder one to utilise

Yet for all intents and purposes

This seems to be the way

So what now, then?

Well, it seems to me that positivity shall remain

That I should not and shall not harbour shadows within my heart

Nor allow them to guide my step

Lest I fall

I consider the romance of tragedy and I’m filled with remorse for loving her so

But of course, all remorse is nothing but desire for something to be other than that which it already is…

So I release this

And I release me

Into the arms of destiny

Into the soft embrace of fate

With the intention that I should hold no intention

Other than to observe and adore that which is before me

To honour these moments as they languidly nudge into each other

Creating this play before my eyes and heart

This love for which I have incarnated only once

This life we all live

I consider these things and feel small

I consider these things and feel…

I feel considered, I feel planned

I feel the function of the thought of existence itself

Like a soft giggle

And an invite

To play