there are moments when markers take the life out from under your feet

Soft and compulsory strings, edged with the morning dew
Hold my heart to you, bind my fevered fingers
Against your skin
To leave trails
Five by five
All along your arms
Running with your veins
Past the arc of ventricles
The beat of me is pushed
About your form

within these eyes that see you,
that witness your presence
you are eternally young
and wild
such as is the nature of a wild thing
born bucking and deep of breath
yet destined to find her way
to calm and gentle riversides
where clear water reflects the stars
and ones eternal face
back into the universe

and I stand fast
to weather the storm
turn no cheek against that wind
it rides high, rides fast
bringing feelings
to sick stomachs
and dark silence
to an unwell mind

I can be found
Sleeping deeply
With one arm out
The other against my chest
A mantra upon my lips
To my lost ship
Come home to me, come home

A curious creature
It seems I cannot leave you
Or could not
As now it has occurred
And life has somewhat lost its light
Whilst signets and swans cried
A crow set to the sky
Calling out against the dawn

Turn back, turn back
Shed no mourning upon this day
We are fallen leaves
We are the messenger of winter
Come to call once more
Upon your human heart