and thus

And thus, as sleeping giants, we orbit our lives

resting and entwined, casting echoes onward –

calling home all ships, lost to us through storms.

It takes a lifetime to turn one’s head toward the light

and in that light to see all life, as light itself

not brightness, nor warmth

but source of self that quickens thee.

oh hastily we wish to trade all life, for such light

to be done and divine at last

to be absent from blood and bone

and heavy distance between hearts.

It is indeed measured so

in weight, and waiting

in orbit around ourselves

this moment here

and on and on.

In kindness yet we come to know

of what great material this here is made

this us stood wanting


and cawing

how lost, how lost my ever soul

and here we are seen

we are whole in vision

in yearning.

By no other method may we live this life

by no other means might we hold and be held

other than in kindness

and each in hand we come to know

the face of giants

of pulsing stars

that will us into being.

This is the only time I will come here,

It is a curious place

But full

And yearning

With no purpose

Save the purpose itself

The being of it, to this, from that;

all onwards, all evers

all ways round

All light, for all time